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Expanding horizons – cultural ENHANCEMENT SOCIETY Minutes

SpecialAnnual General Meeting Bowden Lions Hall

April 22, 2015

In attendance

Marie Foster, Joe Foster, Pat Filipenko, Donna Lynn Anderson, Karilynn Marshall, Abby Gamble, Sandy Gamble, Sheila Church, Sena Urichuk, Mike Fagan, Annette Glazer, Grant Johnston, Robert Willert, Lorne Bradshaw, Sandy Wilcox, Brad Dallas, Barb Chopko, Norm Westman, Sheila Fagan, Jim Krause, Robb Stuart, Sian Richards, Connie Huelsman, Mabel Hamilton, Earl Kinsella, Daryl Kinsella, Don Peterson, Stan Mills, Julie Brewster, Ian Marshall

The meeting was called to order by Stan Mills at 6:10 pm Welcome and Call to Order

Thank you to Don Peterson and Norm Westman for approaching the previous board members of the Cultural Enhancement Society and proposing that it is the best society to provide the organizational framework for a new community hall.

The current Board of Directors of Expanding Horizons – Bowden Cultural Enhancement Society is dissolved.

Nominations and Election

1. Nominations for President

Mabel Hamilton nominated by Don Peterson; 2nd Sheila Church

Stan Mills nominated by Sena Urichuk; 2nd Sandy Gamble

Nominations closed

Mabel Hamilton elected President

2. Nominations for Vice President

Stan Mills nominated by Sandy Gamble; 2nd Sheila Church, Respectfully Decline

Norm Westman nominated by Julie Brewster; 2nd Don Peterson, Respectfully Decline

Don Peterson nominated by Sheila Church; 2nd Barb Chopko

Nomination closed

Don Peterson acclaimed Vice President

3. Nominations for Treasurer

Sena Urichuk nominated by Tara Rankin; 2nd Pat Filipenko

Motion by Mabel Hamilton for nominations to cease. All in favour.

4. Nominations for Secretary

Julie Brewster nominated by Tara Rankin; 2nd Barb Chopko

Motion by Sena Urichuk for nominations to cease. All in favour.

5. Nominations for Directors at Large

Norm Westman nominated by Don Peterson; 2nd Sandy Gamble

Ian Marshall nominated by Mabel Hamilton; 2nd Mike Fagan

Tara Rankin nominated by Julie Brewster; 2nd Sena Urichuik

Brad Dallas nominated by Mike Fagan; 2ndKarilynn Marshall

Grant Johnston nominated by Sena Urichuk; 2nd Mike Fagan

Motion by Pat Filipenko for nominations to cease. All in favour.

Motion by Sena Urichuk for signing authority to be granted to Mabel Hamilton, Don Peterson, Julie Brewster and Sena Urichuk. 2nd Julie Brewster. All in favour. Motion Carried.

New Business

Mabel presented a brief overview of the new Expanding Horizons Society. The view of the society from 30,000 feet is to build a Mission Statement that encompasses the goals and aims of the society. The view from 10,000 feet is to build a business plan and a sustainability plan. The ground level view will be creating the individual committees that will move forward with the planning and execution of a new hall.

Pat Filipenko provided some background from the inception of Expanding Horizons. The initial goals were set up to be very broad in scope.

Motion by Sheila Church to raise membership fee from $1/lifetime to $5/annual fee in 2016. 2nd Ab Gamble. All in favour. Motion carried

Motion by Pat Filipenko that all funds raised for Expanding Horizons be allocated to the Bowden Community Hall fund, until otherwise decided at the Annual General Meeting. 2nd Ab Gamble. All in favour. Motion Carried.

Discussion: There was a Community Hall board that dissolved and their funds were given in trust to the Town of Bowden. The account is still active and can be requested by Expanding Horizons.

Motion to adjourn by Sandy Gamble at 6:45 pm.


To inquire about hosting an event

phone Kim:403-507-5090

or fill out the information request form. 

Our Vision

Giving the Province the opportunity to share with the community of Bowden by providing Sponsorship to the new Hall.